32617967PPI markets energy-efficient, environmentally friendly ECO-MAX adsorption chillers that utilize waste heat to provide cooling and other process capabilities. Chiller technology is attractive to retail stores, hospitals, universities, office complexes, data centers, tri-generation facilities, processing plants, manufacturing plants and government facilities. ECO-MAX adsorption chillers utilize solid silica gel desiccant that eliminates issues seen with lithium bromide absorption chillers such as crystallization of desiccant and high cost tube replacements. These chillers are designed to operate for 20 years or more with only minor maintenance. The machines have very few moving parts and use tap water as the refrigerant. Electricity consumption is extremely low. Typically powered by less than 1 kW of electricity, the ECO-MAX chillers can provide hundreds of tons of cooling output. Additionally, these machines can operate reliably over a very wide range of hot water temperatures and cooling water temperatures at conditions that no other chiller can operate.

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