dsc00370Using water — the greenest refrigerant there is — ECO-MAX adsorption chillers provide a very reliable thermal chiller that requires only minimal maintenance. With ECO-MAX adsorption chillers, the desiccant is always solid, does not move, has no chemical additives, and requires no chemical testing. The chilled water circuit is cooled by refrigerant water that evaporates and is adsorbed onto a fixed bed of hygroscopic silica gel which is later regenerated with low temperature hot water.  ECO-MAX adsorption chillers need no compressors, no high pressure refrigerants and no oil changes, and they create virtually no noise or vibration. Ultra-low electricity usage means low operating costs and exceptionally low carbon emissions.

hk4Adsorption chillers work on the principle of adsorption using solid sorption materials such as silica gel. These types of chillers are known for their robust construction and ease of installation.  There are no possibilities of crystallization, corrosion or hazardous leaks, and the electricity consumption is minimal.  This makes them ideal for use in commercial as well as industrial air conditioning, process cooling, and waste heat recovery applications.

Advantages of Adsorption Chillers

  • Tap water is the refrigerant and no chemicals are required.
  • Low operational costs and maintenance.
  • Only minor service required.
  • More than 30 years of machine life.
  • Low carbon emissions, eco-friendly operations.
  • No vibration and low noise.
  • Simple and continuous operations.
  • Operates over a wide range of temperature for hot, cool and cold water.
  • Low cost over the life of the chiller.
  • Uses waste heat or solar thermal
  • Ultra-low electricity consumption
  • Advanced micro-processor control
  • No replacement of absorbent

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